Caricatura – Museum for Comic Art

Caricatura – Museum for Comic Art

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Caricatura – Museum for Comic Art

Caricatura Museum
Museum for Comic Art - Caricatura Museum © Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Photo: Stefan Maurer

It is one of Frankfurt’s newest museums, but there is an amazing collection behind its walls: The Museum for Comic Art (Museum für Komische Kunst) has been located in the historical Leinwandhaus between the cathedral and the Main river since October 2008. With more than 4,000 original caricatures by the legendary New Frankfurt School, it features the highest humour content of any museum in the world. The works of F. W. Berstein, Robert Gernhardt, Chlodwig Poth, Hans Traxler and F. K. Waechter, who made Frankfurt the “capital of satire” by founding the German satirical magazines PARDON and TITANIC, are shown in a permanent exhibition. The works of other well-known representatives of comic drawing, who could be called the descendants of the New Frankfurt School, such as Bernd Pfarr, Volker Reiche and Greser & Lenz are shown in temporary exhibitions. 


The media lounge provides an overview of the film and literary achievements of the New Frankfurt School, which also includes the authors and writers Bernd Eilert, Eckhard Henscheid and Peter Knorr. There are also many things to laugh about at events such as readings, book presentations and small-scale theatre pieces (cabaret, comedy, etc.). The necessary degree of seriousness is retained for research. Objective: The thorough documentation of the creation of laughter by artificial means. Accompanied by symposiums on humor criticism under the museum motto: The sharpest critics of the elks / were in that group once themselves. 


Visitors to the museum will also be able to stroke the horns of the animal from this famous couplet (rhymed by F. W. Bernstein): A sculpture of the New Frankfurt School’s favourite animal adorns the building’s entrance. This piece of comic art was designed by Hans Traxler. Fans of comedy and people who enjoy walking can find weather-resistant artistic testimonial in Frankfurt’s Green Belt: the “Green Belt Animal” by Robert Gernhardt, the “ICH” memorial by Hans Traxler, the “Chlodwig Poth Installation”, the “Penalty Spot” by F. W. Bernstein, and no less than 6 pieces of tree art by F. K. Waechter.


Municipal museum of the City of Frankfurt
Free admission for children and young persons under 18