Introduction of 2G wristbands

Introduction of 2G wristbands

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Introduction of 2G wristbands – City of Frankfurt supports retailers

The City of Frankfurt am Main has implemented the wristband scheme for the 2G check in retail stores.

2G wirstband in gold
2G wirstband in gold © Stadt Frankfurt am Main

The aim of the wristband scheme is to simplify 2G access control in the retail sector on the basis of the current Corona Ordinance of the State of Hesse. Customers who can provide proof of their 2G status can receive a wristband. Wearing the wristband is voluntary and no data is collected. The wristband is valid at all participating sales outlets in the city. To prevent possible misuse, the colours of the wristbands will change weekly.


What is the 2G wristband?

The 2G wristband is a non-transferable control band that visibly documents the 2G status.


Does the wristband replace the proof of vaccination or of recovery?

The wristband does not replace the actual vaccination certificate or proof of recovery, you must carry this with you in the original together with an official identification document.


Why do I need the 2G wristband?

It is optional to issue the wristbands and to accept them as a substitute for a 2G check at the shop. 2G status checks may occur again at any time.


Where can I use the wristbands?

You can use the wristbands in retail outlets throughout the city.


How and where can I get a 2G wristband?

After presenting valid proof of 2G once at one or more issuing points, customers receive the 2G wristband.


Where are the distribution points and when are they open?


Römerberg/Old town:

  • Tourist Information Römer, Römerberg 27, 60311 Frankfurt am Main


Zeil/City centre:

  • Peek&Cloppenburg
  • Galeria (ehem. Kaufhof)
  • Galeria Frankfurt (ehem. Karstadt)
  • C&A
  • AppelrathCüpper
  • Douglas
  • Mango
  • MyZeil


Other distribution points in the city centre:

  • Sportcheck, Schaefergasse 10
  • Laufshop Frankfurt, Große Friedberger Str. 37-39
  • Schuh Herbert, Große Friedberger Straße 21
  • Schuh Sauer, Fahrgasse 109
  • Berufsbekleidung Sauer, Fahrgasse 109
  • Mammut Store, Fahrgasse 111
  • Leder Gabler, Töngesgasse 33
  • W. Wächtershäuser, Töngesgasse 39
  • Waffen Dotzert, Töngesgasse 21



  • August Pfüller, Goethestraße 15-17
  • Uli Knecht, Goethestraße 35
  • Betten Raab, Schillerstraße 11
  • Linda Schuhsalon Catacchio OHG, Rathenauplatz 2-8



  • KONtrast, Hanauer Landstraße 297


Berger Straße:

  • Sonnylemon, Heidestraße 147
  • Parfümerie Lehr, Berger Straße 206
  • Geschenkestudio Pradel, Berger Straße 164
  • Meder, Spessartstraße 7-9
  • Lepo, Rendeler Straße 54
  • Die Kerberei, Mainkurstraße 8
  • Kaufhaus Hessen, Berger Straße 288
  • Gold Bähr, Berger Straße 223
  • Escatira, Berger Straße 47



  • Charisma Fashion, Eschersheimer Landstraße 234



  • Frauenbetriebe design HandelsGmbH, Leipziger Straße 5



  • Hessencenter, Borsigallee 26



  • Apfelweinkontor, Wallstraße 13
  • Nina Francoforte, Brückenstraße 52
  • Ookoko, Brückenstraße 33


Europe Quarter:

  • SkylinePlaza 


The opening hours are based on the opening hours of the respective shops.


How long are the wristbands valid?

The wristbands are valid for one week (weekly colour change).


How is the 2G wristband checked?

You must always carry your original vaccination card (proof) and identity card with you!
The Ordnungsamt will also carry out random checks to ensure that people wearing a 2G band comply with the 2G requirements.

For tracking purposes, the 2G wristbands have also been produced with consecutive numbers.

Subject to change without notice.


The English version is for information only. For a binding version, please refer to the German text.