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The Partner Cities


Lyon Old Town, Saône, photo: Marie Perrin
Lyon Old Town, Saône © Marie Perrin, Photo: Marie Perrin

15 October 1960


Frankfurt's oldest partnership is with the city of Lyon in the Rhône Valley. The city partnership made an important contribution to Franco-German rapprochement after the Second World War, representing a sign of the peaceful and friendly relations between Germany and France.

The economic hub of southwestern France, Lyon has developed into an important metropolitan region – "Grand Lyon" – which now includes 59 surrounding municipalities. Similar to Frankfurt, Lyon is well-known internationally for its culinary specialities and its trade fair. It also has much to offer in terms of culture and tourism, for example the "Fête des Lumières" light festival. 

Over the last 60 years the city partnership between Lyon and Frankfurt has given rise to countless joint projects and encounters. Apart from the many school exchanges, the EUROPOD youth sports exchange (also involving Birmingham) has recently attracted the participation of hundreds of children and young people.

Cultural exchanges between Frankfurt clubs and associations, the Institut Francais Frankfurt and the Goethe Institute Lyon regularly enrich the cultural scene of both cities. One such recent highlight was the illumination of Frankfurt City Hall during the 2017 Book Fair, with France as the guest country.