Special vaccination campaigns

Special vaccination campaigns

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Special vaccination campaigns

On this page you can find information on the special vaccination campaigns against COVID-19.

Both the vaccine from Moderna (Spikevax®) and optionally the vaccine from BioNTech (Comirnaty®) are available for the special vaccination campaigns. Vaccinations with the Novavax vaccine (Nuvaxovid®) are now also available at Hauptwache (Monday to Friday from 4 pm).

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You can get vaccinated at all special vaccination campaigns with or without registration.


Vaccination Point Hauptwache:

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 11.30 am to 7 pm.

For registration, please visit the appointment booking portal.External Link


Vaccination Point Local Health Authority:

For an appointment overview of the upcoming special vaccination campaigns, please visit SonderimpfaktionenInternal Link

You can also register here.External Link


You can find an overview of all upcoming special vaccination campaigns on the website SonderimpfaktionenInternal Link.


Please bring the following documents to the vaccination appointment:

  • your certificate of vaccinations ("Impfausweis") – if available
  • your health insurance card – if available
  • an official identification document
  • printout of the appointment confirmation


To avoid long waiting times, you can download the information sheet, medical history and the declaration of consent form External Linkin advance and bring them with you already filled out. Alternatively, they are also available on site and can be filled out before vaccination. The documents are available in several languages.



  • All vaccinations WITH AND WITHOUT registration. Appointments can be booked seven days in advance. The registration links are listed with the respective vaccination campaign at the bottom of the page SonderimpfaktionenInternal Link (German only).
  • Booster shots at the special vaccination campaigns are possible at the earliest after three months after the second vaccination and only for persons aged 12 years and older in accordance with the STIKO recommendation.
  • More information about booster shots can be found on the webpage of the Local Health AuthorityInternal Link (German only).
  • A second booster vaccination can be given to people for whom the STIKO makes such a recommendation (people aged 70 and over, residents and persons cared for in nursing homes, people with immunodeficiency from the age of 5, people working in medical facilities and nursing homes). People at health risk can receive the second booster vaccination at the earliest three months after the first booster vaccination, medical and nursing staff at the earliest after six months.
  • Both the vaccine from Moderna (Spikevax®) and optionally the vaccine from BioNTech (Comirnaty®) are available at the special vaccination campaigns.
    Vaccinations with the Novavax vaccine (Nuvaxovid®) are now also available at Hauptwache. The vaccine is offered on weekdays from 4 pm.

    The vaccines from BioNTech (Comirnaty®) and Moderna (Spikevax®) have proven to be the most effective vaccines against COVID-19. Both vaccines are equally effective and well tolerated. Only people younger than the age of 30 and pregnant women should be vaccinated with BioNTech's Comirnaty® vaccine.

    If the vaccine from BioNTech was administered for the first vaccination, the one from Moderna can be given just as well for the second. The same applies to the so-called booster vaccination. Here, too, the vaccine from Moderna can be used after two previous vaccinations with the vaccine from BioNTech.

    The Paul Ehrlich Institute in Langen, Germany's Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biological Medicinal Products, shares this opinion: Boost­er Vac­ci­na­tions with Spike­vax or Comir­naty are Equiv­a­lent External Link