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Corona Information

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COVID-19: Corona update for Frankfurt


Confirmed Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection – And Now?


General Information

The Hessian state government has issued a Corona Ordinance of the State of Hesse on protection against infection risks: CoSchuV, effective from 17 January 2022 (pdf , 415KB)Download Link (German only)


The Hessian state government provides an overview of the uniform state-wide regulations (German only):

Corona regulations as of 17 January 2022 (pdf , 380KB)Download Link

Coronavirus regulations for children (pdf , 63KB)Download Link (as of 17 January 2022)

Coronavirus regulations for events (pdf , 250KB)Download Link (as of 17 January 2022)

2G plus regulations (pdf , 95KB)Download Link (as of 17 January 2022)



After the seven-day incidence rate in Frankfurt has exceeded the hotspot limit of 350 for the third day in a row, additional regulations for hotspots (pdf , 120KB)Download Link (as of 17.01.2022) stipulated in the Coronavirus Protection Ordinance of the State of Hesse have been in force since 8 January 2022.


The City of Frankfurt has issued the Twelfth General Decree of the City of Frankfurt, effective from 8 January 2022 (pdf , 3875KB)Download Link(German only) to ensure that these rules are implemented. It includes the topics of mask mandatesExternal Link and the ban of alcoholExternal Link in public places. 


Since Saturday 8 January, 2G plus rules have been in place in various cultural institutions, including the Palmengarten, the Frankfurt Zoo, the Frankfurt Oper and Schauspiel, the Old Opera as well as museums. In addition to proof of vaccination or of recovery, you will need an antigen test certificate from an official test centre (not older than 24 hours), a PCR test certificate (not older than 48 hours) or the test booklet in the case of schoolchildren. Persons who have already received a booster vaccination do not need additional proof of testing.


The City of Frankfurt am Main has implemented the wristband schemeInternal Link for faster and easier 2G access control in retail stores.



Map showing the Frankfurt city area where wearing a mask is mandatory.External Link

Map showing the Frankfurt city area where the consumption of alcohol is prohibited.External Link



Please find the 7-day incidence rate for Frankfurt am Main under current status updateInternal Link.

For the hospitalisation incidence and intensive care bed occupancy in Hesse, see daily updated figuresExternal Link.


The English version is for information only. For a binding version, please refer to the German text.

Important telephone numbers

  • The non-emergency medical on-call service for Germany is: 116 117
  • The state of Hesse has set up a hotline for questions about the coronavirus at 0800-555 4666. Questions on health and quarantine are answered on Mondays from 8 am to 8 pm and Tuesdays to Fridays from 9 am to 3 pm. For further questions, concerns and information about the coronavirus the hotline is available Monday to Thursday from 8 am to 8 pm and Friday from 8 am to 3 pm.
  • If you have any questions regarding the Corona-Warn-App or if you receive red alerts ("Rot-Meldungen"), please contact either your general practitioner or the Local Health Authority (Gesundheitsamt Frankfurt) by calling 069-212 77400.