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COVID-19: Corona update for Frankfurt


The Hessian state government has extended the Coronavirus Ordinance on basic protection measures against infection risks until 7 April 2023: CoBaSchuV, effective from 23 November 2022 (pdf , 247KB)Download Link (German only). 


Instead of the previous isolation order, there is now an obligation for adults and children aged 6 years and older who have tested positive for the coronavirus to take certain protective measures for at least five days:

  • you need to wear a mask outside your own home. In the open air, you can remove the mask if the distance rules (1.5 metres) are observed.
  • you are not allowed to enter or work in hospitals, old people's and nursing homes, shelters for the homeless and refugees as well as other facilities with vulnerable persons or increased risks of infection – this applies to both visitors and staff. Exempt from the ban are, among others, persons who are being treated or cared for in the facility, as well as police and rescue forces.


If you cannot find answers to health-related topics (infectiology, hygiene, etc.) on these pages, please contact the Local Health Authority via the Corona contact formExternal Link.


The non-emergency medical on-call service for Germany is: 116 117

The English version is for information only. For a binding version, please refer to the German text.